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Muscle Pharm L-Glutamine – For Faster Recovery

This review of MusclePharm L-Glutamine reveals its benefits, features, how it works and more. 

MusclePharm L-Glutamine is one of the most popular work out supplements today, and judging from the reviews delivers when it counts. But does the supplement really live up to the hype? This detailed review will look into its features and benefits so you can decide if this is worth buying or not.

What Can the Supplement Do?

This pharmaceutical level supplement accelerates muscle recovery after intense workouts and activities, and it also provides optimum muscle tissue saturation. When taken in the appropriate dosages you can expect enhanced muscle growth and faster recovery times. During workouts, you often need to take extended breaks between sets to catch your breath, but with this in hand those breaks will be shorter and you’ll be doing more reps and longer sets.

Athletes and physically active people need glutamine, and that’s what this supplement provides. More importantly, the supplement comes with three types of glutamine so you receive optimum benefits.

Apart from preventing muscle catabolism, it helps keep your cells healthy and speeds the healing of wounds and other injuries. Furthermore, glutamine facilitates the movement of potassium in the bloodstream so your body is able to absorb all the nutrients as quickly as possible. All of this is possible due to the ingredients in the supplement that are not present in other products. 

What are the Ingredients?

The three types of glutamine included here are alanyl-L-glutamine, glutamine peptides and L-Glutamine. Together these three ingredients supply your body with all the glutamine it needs to speed up digestion, recovery time and muscle growth. While the three have unique properties and work in different ways, they all enhance the function of your digestive tract and muscles and stimulate the growth of hormones.

L-Glutamine: L-Glutamine lowers catabolism and provides anabolic environment support. In addition it helps reduce muscle breakdown and keeps your immune system strong and resistant to disease and injury.

Glutamine Peptides: Glutamine Peptides enhances your body’s protein synthesis and fortifies the immune system while making more glutamine available for your body to absorb.

Alanyl-L-Glutamine: Alanyl-L-Glutamine provides stability to your body’s organs, boosts the immune system and ensures your intestinal health is in optimum condition. There’s also scientific evidence Alanyl-L-Glutamine promotes endurance and improves the body’s rehydration levels significantly. 

How to Use

All you need to do is mix one scoop (5 g) with 8 to 10 ounces of water or any other drink you like. Drink twice a day, morning and evening or during and after workouts. The bottle should be stored in a cool, dry place. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Even though the product has been around for a while, there are few reports of people suffering side effects. However you should drink only the recommended amount and don’t mix it with other glutamine supplements. Do not take this if you are pregnant. 

What are the Benefits?

These ingredients also enhance the function of your body’s other organs so you can better use protein and other nutrients essential for sustained muscle buildup and physical activity. The supplement also improves your body’s endurance and rehydration levels so you don’t end up feeling weak or spent after just a few minutes working out in the gym.

Doing intense workouts takes a lot out of your body, in particular the nutrients for building muscle like glutamine. By using the best glutamine supplement available you don’t have to worry about this as it stimulates protein synthesis and kick starts your body’s cellular energy production.

When you take this product you’ll also notice that nitrogen retention is increased along with superior accumulation of glycogen in your muscles. In other words, the supplement works on different areas of your body to speed up muscle and endurance buildup.

Why Do You Need Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid that can be naturally produced in the body. Under certain conditions like intense workouts and physical stress, your body’s ability to create it cannot keep up with the demand. Most of the glutamine in your body is kept in the muscles so those are the first things that are hit when glutamine supply is low.

Aside from muscle buildup and physical recovery, L glutamine reviews indicate that it also helps your body eliminate body wastes as well as ammonia. Most of your body’s cells also use glutamine for a wide range of functions, and the lack of it results in physical weakness. By taking this supplement your body will be able to get more than enough to keep you going during those intense workouts.

How Glutamine Works

Glutamine comes to the fore when your body – especially your muscles – needs repairing, and that usually happens after an intensive workout and your muscle tissues are torn and repaired. When your body is subjected to stress from lifting weights, your body produces cortisol, and once this reaches the bloodstream, your body’s glutamine level goes down.

That’s where you’re going to find this supplement necessary as it keeps the glutamine levels up. As was mentioned earlier, this also improves your digestion and absorption, all the while providing maximum saturation of the muscle tissues by way of its glutamine complexes. If you are constantly hitting the wall when working out, this supplement will provide the nourishment and booster you need to keep going. 

Where to Order

The product is available at a great price on , with each bottle good for 60 servings. If you’re interested in trying this out, make sure to purchase only from the legit source so you don’t end up with a fake. Fake glutamine supplements are cheaper because they use substitute ingredients that don’t offer any benefits. 

The Verdict

To answer the question does glutamine work? Yes it does and in this case it’s more effective than others. Other glutamine supplements take forever to take effect and cost a fortune, but this product from MusclePharm delivers results quickly and without unpleasant side effects to boot. If you want to add glutamine to your regimen, then you should include this on your list as it’s worth every cent.