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BCAA Supplement To Help Synthesize Proteins To The Max

Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) help activate protein synthesis and as it is aptly names, is structured in such a way that it is proven by far one of the most effective essential amino acids that helps the body immensely.

What is BCAA?

Musclepharm BCAA’s are made up of three essential amino acids namely leucine, valine and isoleucine that make up the proteins in the body.

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and are made up of organic acids that contain an amine group and enhance the protein synthesis especially during pre or post workouts.

As you exercise, your muscles undergo a process of shortening, lengthening and isometric movements that result in ‘micro tears.’ These are naturally-occurring tears in the muscle tissue that takes place when the muscle goes through stress as a result of an exercise activity and proteins need to synthesize to produce new muscle protein for enhanced recovery.

Studies show that BCAA’s are highly beneficial during periods of high intensity interval training and these short-term supplementation of BCAA results to reduced the damage caused by training and exercise-related injuries.

The benefits of BCAA’s in the body is that it helps speed up and increase muscle production during exercise, reduces muscle soreness during exercise and workouts, improves recovery by reducing the breakdown of protein that occurs in muscles after workouts and enhances protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown.

Easier to take in capsule form than beverage.

BCAA’s are used up really quickly by the body usually immediately after workouts, which makes it relatively safe for human consumption on a regular basis during workouts and exercises.

MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 come in capsule form to address ease of consumption as several sporting activities like marathons, triathlons, swimming competitions and the like make it difficult to take in BCAA supplements during the activities, thus, all that’s needed is to drink the required dosage pre or post events.

Eight capsules of MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 provides the recommended dosage of 3 grams of leucine, 1 gram of isoleucine and 2 grams of valine.

So if you don’t like the taste of amino acids in a drink or save yourself the inconvenience of having a shake tumbler along, take your MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 and workout or play your sport.