An Inside Look at MusclePharm Canada

MusclePharm Canada specializes in sports nutrition supplements and their products have been formulated for athletes like Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cory Gregory among others. Aside from diet plans and workouts, the company also offers a wide range of supplements divided into the following categories: core, hybrid, post workout, pre workout, protein, recovery, testosterone booster, weight loss and vitamins. The following is an overview of some of their more popular products.


Assault is a pre workout supplement that provides extra strength and endurance. The Assault is a complete pre-workout regimen for athletes both seasoned and those just starting out, and unlike other supplements, the Assault has the proprietary Ion 3 nitrate technology that provides your body with the energy necessary to do intense workouts.

One of the problems with most other pre workout supplements is the formulation, as they’re nothing more than stimulants, and too much of these will cause problems. Assault on the other hand, keeps you going from start to finish without any side effects. In terms of quality, this is among the best of all supplements Canada, as it was formulated at the MusclePharm Sports Science Center.

While there’s no question the supplement increases muscles, it can do a lot more than that. Several clinical studies were conducted before Assault was sold, and it showed clearly that the supplement enhances physical strength, agility, reaction time and muscular development. At the same time, Assault makes you less susceptible to fatigue and thus capable of doing more workouts.

And while Assault produces rapid results, this isn’t a steroid and does not come with any side effects. In fact this has been certified as Banned Substance Free by Informed Choice. Rather than take steroids and risk your health, it’s better to use Assault instead and get your juices flowing for that workout.

Coco Protein

The company also sells a number of workout recovery supplements including the popular Coco Protein. This unique supplement has 20 g of genuine milk protein and coconut water, which is one of the best sources of magnesium and potassium, essential for muscle and fitness recovery. Not only does Coco Protein meet your hydration needs, but it is also speeds up the recovery process and is gluten free.

While there are a lot of Canadian bodybuilding supplements available online, this is the only sports drink that offers both coconut water and protein, so you don’t have to buy another drink just to get protein or coconut. Every serving of Coco Protein gives you 20 g of protein for increasing lean muscle. Furthermore the more of this you drink the more you will stay hydrated.

Coco Protein isn’t just for those lifting weights as it’s also ideal for hiking, lifting, running and doing other physical activities. Any time you’re engaged in a physical activity you’re bound to get tired sooner or later, but Coco Protein will keep you going. For years, medical experts have been championing the benefits of protein and coco water, and now you get them both here.

Carnitine Core

Carnitine Core with raspberry ketones is a fat metabolizer and speeds up fat burning and weight loss. If you’re trying to gain muscles, it’s crucial that you lose fat too because that’s going to get in the way of muscle toning and development. That’s what Carnitine Core is for.

There’s nothing artificial about this supplement because it makes use of L-carnitine, a naturally occurring amino acid, to speed up your metabolism. With L-carnitine, your body will be able to burn fat much faster than before. However, Carnitine Core actually does more than just shed fat because it also turns those fats into usable energy.

The more energy your body has, the more time you will be able to spend in the gym working out and increase performance. In addition there’s raspberry ketones, which has been proven to increase physical energy and make it easier for you to reach your objectives. By combining raspberry ketones and L-carnitine, Carnitine Core leads to lipolysis, the process that turns stored body fat into fatty acids and burns them.

MusclePharm Shred Matrix

The Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix was formulated to increase fat loss and use those fats as energy. It also plays an important role in nutrient repartitioning and works as a complete fat loss workout supplement. Unlike those you see in a typical Canadian online supplement store, the Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix has been clinically proven safe to use and is suitable for men and women.

What the Shred Matrix does is use the numerous energy pathways in your body to stimulate fat burning. This supplement has also been developed expressly for the purpose of simplifying fat loss by reducing your hunger pangs. Aside from keeping your appetite in check, it also increases alertness and energy.

MusclePharm Combat

You need the right types of essential proteins to supplement your workouts and provide the muscles with the right kind of nutrients to allow it to heal, recover and grow. MusclePharm Combat and Combat Whey Protein are two of the most effective supplements the body needs for post workout nutrition and recovery in order to make the most out of your workouts.


MusclePharm BCAA is your ultimate solution to provide your body with three essential amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine that make up the proteins in the body.

As you work out, your muscle breaks down as it develops micro tears that need to heal and needs protein to synthesize in order to help the muscle fibers recover and grow after a rigorous physical activity.

BCAA supplements this need with amino acids that are the basic building blocks of proteins made up of organic acids that contain an amine group to enhance protein synthesis especially during post workouts.

MusclePharm Creatine

Creatine is an organic acid that is normally found in the muscles and in the brain often  sourced from a diet combined with seafood and red meat. As a nutrient, it offers a lot of benefits but is more pronounced in the role it plays with metabolism as people age. Muscle Pharm Creatine provides a complete creatine formula to address the need for workouts.

Creatine is popularly and commonly used for enhanced performance in workouts and exercises as it helps increase muscle mass. It also shows great promise as creatine has also been tested to enhance muscle strength, longevity, promotes better neuromascular function and boosts brain activity.

Other Products Available

The company’s online retail store has many other supplements available. Aside from those that have been mentioned here, they also have Amino 1, Energy Sport, Energy Sport Zero and Re-Con for post workouts. Each of these products have unique ingredients that set them apart from the rest, so you just need to choose the one that fits your current requirements and feel the difference. 

While the Assault is one of their most popular pre-workout supplements, you will also find other bestsellers on their store such as the Combat 100% Casein™, Musclegel®, Combat, Combat Crunch Bar, Combat 100% Isolate™ and Combat 100% Casein™. There’s also the Battle Fuel XT, a specially formulated testosterone booster, Armor-V™ vitamins and more.


Muscle Pharm workout supplements have been tried and tested, and the fact that it’s the official nutritional supplement of the UFC says a lot about it. The company has also sponsored many of the top UFC fighters like Quinton Rampage Jackson and Anderson Silva, which is testament to its quality. But these supplements are not just for super athletes but also for anyone who wants to get into shape. If you’re into fitness, you can’t afford to be without these.