Best Unique Bodyweight Moves: Tone With These Exercises

Best Unique Bodyweight Moves: Tone With These Exercises

Put some spice into your routine using these unique bodyweight moves. These are bound o get you toned in no time. You won’t even have to use any equipment. Just these exercises!

Lara McGlashan MFA CPT from says that these 5 moves can tone your legs in no time. You don’t even need to go to the gym anymore. These exercises target different muscle groups in your body. In addition to that, it burns fat and improves endurance.

You can incorporate these exercises into your daily leg routine in order to give your muscles a good workout. This workout is also doable outdoors. You’ll stir things up a bit, and that’s enough to have an effect on your metabolism. You’ll get those shapely legs you’ve been dreaming of!

Must-Do Unique Bodyweight Moves

Having sleek, toned legs is on every girl’s bucket list, but you don’t need a gym to get there — not with bodyweight moves like these five unique exercises. They hit multiple muscle groups at once and are challenging enough to build muscle while also burning fat and improving endurance. Read more…

Craig Ballantyne says these awesome and unique bodyweight exercises are even more effective than pushups and crunches. Why? You don’t see these on a daily basis.

The author collaborated with his two friends Adam and Ryan to come up with these unique moves. His two friends are innovative: they’re masters in reinventing exercises. These exercises can shake things up, and can add variety to your normal routine. Spice things up by incorporating your current training plan with these moves!

3 Unique Bodyweight Exercises

As you know, I’m a big fan of bodyweight training. Of course, I’ve got my regular “go to” exercises that work well for me. But when I want to spice things up, I give my friends Adam & Ryan a call. They’re absolute masters at creating UNIQUE bodyweight moves unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Read more…

Mitchell Graves is a personal trainer and author. He shares his thoughts about bodyweight moves and why it’s becoming a new trend in the fitness world; programs such as P90X and Insanity are just a few examples. The author points out why enthusiasts are getting hooked in this traditional form of exercise.

These programs emphasize that you don’t need equipment to stay fit. If you’ve got enough motivation and the right knowledge, you can stay ripped. He shares a combination of workouts that you can perform at the comfort of your home. In addition to that, these can be done within four minutes! 

4 Unique Bodyweight Exercises That Burn Fat In 4 Minutes

These programs, along with many others, demonstrate the fact that you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to get a ripped body. There really is no excuse anymore. You can get in shape however you like with the proper knowledge. Read more…

If you can’t spare more than 15 minutes of your time for a quick bodyweight workout, try this video from Popsugar Fitness:

It must be tough to finish all these workouts. You should have something that encourages body recovery. MusclePharm’s BCAA is the best example. It has Leucine, which has the capacity slow muscle damage after intense training so it’s right for your workout!