Pacing Yourself While Running Is Important

Some find this activity tedious and hard. You head out and spend an hour doing this. You’re huffing and puffing when you get back from your usual run. But why is it that it gives you that feeling like you’re ready to quit? Are your lungs burning? Are you aching all over?

It’s possible that these may have something to do with your pacing. Remember, you have to learn how to set yourself at a challenging but achievable pace.

7 Expert Tips for Pacing Yourself on the Run

One reason for your burning lungs? You have trouble pacing yourself. Here’s your guide to learning how to set yourself at a challenging yet doable pace on your next run. Read more…

Running Competitor says that your pace should be considered as a big factor in your race strategies. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It should be something that’s considered carefully. It’s not only an art. It’s science as well.

No matter what kind of runner you are, you will perform in a bad way if you start to sprint without holding back. That’s why don’t get surprised if you feel like your breathing your last breath. The goal is to cover the distance between the start and finish lines as soon as possible. You must have a solid sense of your pace by then.

The Art Of Pacing Yourself In Running

Every runner, no matter how talented or well trained, will perform terribly in any race longer than 400 meters if he or she starts at a full sprint and holds nothing back. Read more…

Runners tend to go out too fast.  It happens a lot and it’s the most common mistake made when racing. In order to stop this, you have to train properly and know which kind of race pace is the right one for you.

Your improved sense of pace will help you with your races and your training runs. There’s pacing practice that lets you learn how to run faster in the second half of your competition. This is known as running “negative splits”

Pace Yourself

A second big reason not to be overeager at the beginning: A fast start increases your body temperature more quickly, which speeds up your sweat rate, thereby depriving you of much needed body fluids. As research has shown, even mild dehydration will significantly hamper your performance. Read more…

Matthew Hagy gives us more running tips:

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