HIIT Workout to Target Abs: Get Your Body Ready With Amino1

HIIT Workout to Target Abs: Get Your Body Ready With Amino1

Do you want to get rid of that belly fat hanging loose around your tummy? This HIIT workout to target abs may be the solution to that problem!

Amy Roberts, CPT says these HIIT moves can burn your upper body and build up muscle. The duration is only 10 minutes but this can be pretty intense and long. These moves lets you pay close attention to your abs, with fat-torching and muscle-toning moves, you’ll be burning quite a good amount of your calories.

Mark Beier, co-director at Shred415 in Chicago, is the one who came up with the workout. He says that this routine uses multi-plane movements that target each area of your core muscles for ten minutes.

Just take note, when you start, aim for quality not quantity. You’d want this to be effective so make sure your execution is correct.

The 10-Minute Hiit Workout To Target Abs

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Nora Tobin from shape.com says that this is the best workout for tight and toned abs. Your stomach muscles just need to be revealed and we all can do that if we follow this intense training that she uses for her beach volleyball season. She says that her go-to exercise is a combination of jumping rope and six core exercises.

This is the right workout for you if you want to sculpt that stomach. You can turn this into your main workout three to five days a week or insert these moves into your regular routine.

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Ben Boudro from muscleandfitness.com says that this tri-set routine is your ticket to a ripped form. If you’re repeatedly asking yourself how to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, commit to this routine and say bye-bye to your bulging tummy.

Mind you, this is fast and extreme so prepare your body well. This will shred those abs and you’ll definitely end up looking fantastic!

Boudro’s tri-set routine requires you to do exercises A, B, and C without resting. This is Round 1; the target is three rounds. Perform as many reps as possible!

Hiit Your Abs For A Ripped Six-Pack

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If you want to hit it good, this is an HIIT workout from the fitnessblender.com:

Since these are extreme routines, you may want to think about your hydration needs. MusclePharm Amino1 might do the trick for you. This can totally compensate your lost energy and help your body recover.