Fitness Words Of Wisdom: Only From The Best And Shredded Celebs

Muscle and Fitness asked the fittest celebs what they did to make definite changes to their body. From Arnold to Dwayne, they got some rad ways that made a total difference to their fitness.

Let’s start with Hugh Jackman. You’ve seen the X-Men and Wolverine movies, right? Well, if you’re not a fan, you might recognize someone who’s got steel blades coming out of his knuckles. Yeah, that dude’s got some serious figure. His top trick is all about wearing a heart-rate monitor when lifting. He never lets it go down below 140.

Fitness Tips From Your Favorite Shredded Celebrities

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GQ gets us pumping with these beefed up stars. We all know that it’s not that easy to be a celebrity. You’ve got to look good and ripped for the camera. Let’s find out more about how they transformed their physiques.

Take Bradley Cooper as our first example. In the movie, “The Silver Linings Playbook,” Bradley Cooper’s character lost a lot of weight by working out. The movie never mentioned anything about his diet. However, People Magazine said that Cooper probably used the same diet he followed when he played Face in “The A-Team.” Check out more diet techniques from celebs here:

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These are the 10 Fittest Actors according to Health Fitness Revolution. These are famous names and were chosen selectively to bring motivation to everyone. It’s your chance to be healthier and fitter just like these popular people.

These individuals were chosen based on their fitness level and body type. They recognize diversity as different physiques require different needs. Check it out:

Top 10 Fittest Hollywood Actors

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