Elevate Your Metabolism Through Cardio Bursts

Oxygenmag.com says that cardio bursts are a must if you want to increase your metabolism and burn stubborn fat quickly. It’s even more effective when you combine it with your own exercises and insert some workouts in between sets. These can shed those pounds fast!

On another note, you’ll need to opt for an even more intense program to make it challenging for your body.  This includes bodyweight resistance exercises like jumps, hops, or high intensity cardio. This heightens your capability to burn calories and fat. It does all this while making your cardiovascular system recover quickly.

What is a Cardio Burst?

In order to burn fat and achieve results faster, you’ll need to incrementally increase the intensity of your program to challenge your body in new ways. Read more…

Heather Hitchcock from livestrong.com says that the intensity of your workouts is responsible for elevating your metabolism as well as increasing your weight loss capacity. When you include these exercises in between your routine sets, it burns your fat and improves your health.

If you’re looking for a challenge, add these exercises to your training routine every week. These are not stand alone exercises but rather used as a combination. Examples are burpees, mountain climbers, jumping, and tire run.

Cardio Burst Exercises

Increasing the intensity of your workouts can elevate your metabolism and accelerate your weight-loss goals. Incorporate cardio burst exercises between your strength-training sets to help burn fat and improve your overall health. Read more…

Lisa Hannam from fitnessrepublic.com says that this kind of workout is exactly as it sounds. It’s quick, intense, and effective. A lot of people think that cardio exercises like these are dull and tiresome, but the fitness community has developed a twist for cardio.

Cardiovascular activity is the center of this routine. It comprises of bodyweight resistance moves like jumps, sprints, and hops in between sets. This increases your pulse rate while shedding those pounds. This can get quite intense but with great results.

What Is Cardio Burst Training?

Simply put, a cardio burst is a short, intense bout of cardiovascular activity — including bodyweight resistance moves like jumps or hops, or high-intensity cardio like sprints — which is done between strength moves. This serves to elevate the heart rate and burn fat, while also training the cardiovascular system to recover more quickly from intense exercise. Read more…

Here’s another quick workout from the Fitness Blender:

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