Dance Cardio Workout: Exercises You Won’t Regret

Katie Austin shares this 12-minute dance workout that’ll get you torching those calories while building strength at the same time. The daughter of the famous fitness instructor Denise Austin, Katie gives us a new twist in her approach. She’s got traditional exercises like squats or bicep curls but it goes along with easy dance steps.

The exercises aim to tone the glutes, biceps and core. But this is more than just a fat-burning workout – it’s time for you to let off some steam too!

12-Minute Dance Cardio Workout With Katie Austin

This 12-minute dance cardio workout will get you to burn calories and build strength in style. In this video, Katie Austin, daughter of famous fitness instructor Denise Austin, fuses traditional exercises like squats or bicep curls with easy-to-follow dance steps. Read more…

Justin Sedor from Refinery29 says that there are those who really hate cardio. You get the benefit of an endorphin rush after your session but it’s boring if you do it on a treadmill for an hour. That’s why it’s fun to try something new!

New York City’s 305 Fitness came up with these excellent moves. It was started by Sadie Kurzban and it just looks wonderful! Indeed, it appears like a workout disguised as a dance party. Check out their routine below so you can burn calories now!

Get Off The Elliptical: 8 Fun Moves To Try

We totally get it. Cardio is terrible. Sure, there’s the endorphin rush that comes after an elliptical sesh. But, that doesn’t change the fact that spending an hour on the treadmill is soul-suckingly boring. Read more…

The Greatist team recommends this hip-hop cardio workout. This only lasts for twenty minutes but it’s going to make you sweat like it’s hell. There may be a lot to discuss when it comes to the health and fitness industry, but there’s one thing that we can all agree on: the right kind of workout is the one that doesn’t feel like you’re having such a hard time.

You can try this one as you’ll definitely be on a better mood, improve physical image, and ease your anxiety.

A 20-Minute Beginner Dance Workout to Make You Break a Sweat

Ready to get down? Try this beginner-friendly hip-hop cardio workout. Led by Grokker trainer Jamie McFaden, this routine will get your heart pumping, strengthen your entire body, and even bust a bad mood in just 20 minutes. Read more…

Take a peek into this 10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout from BeFiT:

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