Best Workout During Winter: Cardio When It’s Cold

You might be shivering because of the weather, and that can’t be good for your routine. If it’s too painful to run outside, you might want to take note of some of the tips here for doing cardio when it’s cold outside.

TBandov from shares his own tips about working out during the cold weather. It may still be possible for you to run outside, if you can withstand the numbness on your extremities and the painful breathing, but there are times when you just can’t take it anymore. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a gym membership, or you’re not that into treadmills, these may be the right workout for you!

We have five effective cardio exercises if you want to lose some of those pounds you’ve gained during the holidays. On another note, these activities are good for sweating it out! Go ahead and try them!

5 Effective Cardio Exercises For When it’s Too Dam Cold to Run Outside

While I am all about being tough and sucking it up on a cold winters day, there are some instances where getting out for a morning run is just not feasible. I live in New York, and while there are clearly worse places, the winters here suck. Read more…

Eric Velazquez, NSCA-CSCS from says that the cold season can be challenging for those who like to work out by doing cardio outside. The winter air can make it difficult for people to do activities. There are a lot of options for people who find it too hard to exercise outdoors.

The author talked to Taylor Simon, CSCS about exercises that we can do indoors. These are the good ways to burn calories when it’s already winter. The weather should never be used as an excuse to skip on your workout. In fact, cold-weather forces your body to burn through glycogen and fat faster – this means your fat-burning mechanism is working over time. It’s actually good for your system.

5 Ways To Get Your Cardio When It’s Cold   

Cardio, like war, is hell. But because it’s a prerequisite for a lean, fit physique — at least for most of us mere mortals — you dutifully hit the treadmill a few days per week. Yet for those who keep themselves sane by doing their preferred method of cardio outdoors, there’s another consideration: weather. The bite of winter air can make outdoor activities downright unbearable. Read more…

Author Joe Vennare from says that a low temperature outdoors doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. We’ve got a lot of ways to combat the cold weather and still be able to do effective workout sessions. We don’t need to risk ourselves getting frostbite, nor should we let our bodies gain weight.

There are exercises which involve kettle bells. These can get quite intense as this type of equipment engages the body in a whole new level. It is quite ideal for burning calories. Aside from that, this kind of workout trains your circulatory system to be even more effective in delivering oxygen.

4 Fun Cold-Weather Cardio Workouts

When the temperature outside begins to drop a triathlete has three options: Layer up; pack it in until spring; or hit the treadmill and indoor trainer. Thankfully, there are more effective ways to train during the winter months that don’t put you at risk for frostbite, weight gain or social isolation. Read more…

Men’s Fitness shared the best cardio workout for winter. Checkout the full video below:

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