Get Bikini Ready Abs In No Time With MusclePharm

Bikini Ready Abs In No Time With MusclePharm

Bikini ready abs are not impossible, nor is it something that is very difficult, in fact, getting at it the easy way is by following a good workout program coupled with the right diet and rest.

Getting those bikini ready abs can be a reality and all you need is a few minutes a day to do the workouts.

Let 10-minute Solution Workout creator Jessica Smith help you get those super flat abs in no time.

Get Flat Abs Fast (at Any Fitness Level)

Want to rid yourself of belly flab and get bikini-ready abs once and for all? Try these abs exercises and get the sexy stomach you’ve been dreaming about, no matter what your fitness level.

Beginner: V-Sit Pull-Back

What you’ll need: A mat

Tip: Keep your neck relaxed while you crunch. Need help? Simply place your tongue on the roof of your mouth!

Targets: Abs and obliques

Sit with knees bent, legs together, arms at shoulder level in front of you.

Engage abs and lean back slightly.

Rotate torso to right and pull elbow back to tap mat.

Return to start. Switch sides; repeat.

Do 20 reps total, alternating sides.

Beginner: Plank-Up

Targets: Abs, back, hips, and glutes

Get into plank position (abs engaged, back straight, forearms on floor, legs extended).

Lift hips toward ceiling, keeping back and legs straight, abs engaged; hold for 2 counts.

Lower to plank.

Do 10 reps. Read full article

If you want to up your ante, you might need to develop or follow a training program that could get you going day in and day out.

Fitness expert and writer Kirsten Ballard shows you how spend 20 minutes of your time to do some of the most effective workout exercises to get you bikini ready anytime.

11 Ab Exercises to Get You Bikini-Ready

Summer means bikinis, beaches and bronze skin. It also means giving up unlimited access to your free campus gym (that hopefully you used), which is sort of a catch-22. Luckily, you can get beach-ready at home; just grab your iPod, a good workout outfit and a yoga mat and donate 20 minutes three times a week to a great core with the following moves! Complete the circuit once through. The sets are done in repetitions of 32, which calculates roughly into 64 pulses of music.

Traditional Crunch

Begin the workout with 32 traditional crunches. Proper form is achieved by having your legs in a 90-degree right angle, your arms behind your head and your fingers placed lightly on your head. When crunching up, imagine lifting your face toward the ceiling instead of trying to pull yourself to a seated position; this will help target your abdominals and lessen the strain on your neck. If you continue to strain your neck, press your tongue to the roof of your mouth as you crunch, which makes it more difficult to lift with your neck instead of your abs. Crunches should be done by lifting your upper body instead of just your neck.

Oblique Blaster

Next, target your obliques, the muscles that run along your side and are often blamed for the “muffin top.” Eliminate your love handles by first crossing your right leg over your left leg with your right ankle over your left knee. Twisting your core toward your right leg, lift up for 32 reps, trying to touch your left elbow to your right knee. To avoid neck strain, imagine a tennis ball is under your chin and keep that distance throughout the entire crunch. If you can’t feel the burn along your side, place your right arm out in a T shape to further isolate your side muscles. Repeat on the other side.

Table Top

Remaining on your back, raise your legs to a 90-degree angle and crunch up for 32 reps, remembering to fully lower to the mat between each rep. Again, focus on raising your face to the ceiling instead of up and out. This move will target your upper abdominals. Read full article

If you want to get serious about getting those flat abs, it would be good to know that you need to complement your workouts with the right food.

Let fitness expert and author Olivia Tarantino enumerate some of the oft-ignored fruits and vegetables that are packed with a lot of nutrients to help you on your quest for flat abs fight.

35 Foods To Get You Bikini Ready

Your favorite sunny season is right around the corner—woohoo! But between a busy job and managing a hectic household, it can feel like you’re years away from being beach-body ready.

Nothing jolts you to your senses like that first day of warm weather. The sun is shining bright enough for you to grab your sunglasses, and the temperature is so comfortably welcoming that you can finally shed your winter cable knit sweaters. And then it dawns on you. Bikini season will be here soon and you’re still in fat-mounting hibernation mode. Don’t panic. Not only is there is still plenty of time to prepare yourself, but getting yourself beach-body ready only requires a bit of sweat and the proper nutrition.

Along with working in a regular sweat—and yes, it can even just be on the weekends—introducing the following nutrient-dense foods into your diet will help tone and shape your body while assisting in rapid weight loss efforts. Some foods dial up your metabolism so you can burn even more calories and torch belly fat, some heal your gut by offering up healthy probiotic bacteria, some decrease the stress and inflammation that’s causing weight gain and bloating, some turn off your fat-storage genes, and others vanquish hunger and build muscle by filling you up with healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber. So, get a pen in one hand and a shopping list in your other—and get to it! (Psst! Don’t stress over when you’ll get to the gym. “Abs are made in the kitchen!” Plus, this is The Only Ab Exercise You’ll Ever Need anyway!)”  Read on and watch the videos.

So whether you are on the go or simply lounging, you just might get interested in joining the call for these simple steps to build mass.  Another player in the picture is MusclePharm Creatine, that helps promote muscle health, as well as provide for growth, recovery and healing of the muscles. Formulated with essential amino acids and other mineral ingredients, it can enhance the impacts of the simple workout and generate results.