Best Abs Superset Workout Programs

Achieving results in your workout routine is the most important part of working out. If you’re aiming to get leaner and tighter, there are various superset workouts that can definitely agree with your routine. Here, we’ve enlisted the best routines so far for you to get that perfect set of abs.

Let’s start with Diego Sebastian’s superset workout. The Muscle and Strength team caught up with the athlete and they were able to get hold of a list of his routines.

Diego Sebastian’s Arms & Abs Superset Workout

Diego trains with functional supersets that begin with a primary lift at 80% max weight. He then immediately supersets a second lift for the same muscle group but cuts the weight in half. This intensity technique gives him maximum growth in minimal time. Read more…

Up next is Eric Velazquez’s version of the superset routine. His is composed of supersets 1 and 2. The workout includes the following activities: ab wheel rollout, plank, double crunch and lying windshield wiper.


While the amount of detail in your abs is most directly related to what you stuff in your chew hole, don’t fool yourself into thinking that training them hard has somehow gone out of style.

Blasting your abs with challenging and constantly varying workouts is crucial if you expect to have a middle worth showing off. Too often, we become stuck in the same remedial array of exercises, sets and reps, allowing the miracle of adaptation to rob us of any potential gains in muscle quality. By stepping things up and implementing more intense training protocols, you can swiftly enhance the appearance of your sixer. Read more…

Last but not the least; this is a 4-week challenge from Jimmy Pena and Joe Weubben. This is a month long, super intense workout routine. Just to set your expectations, the routine only gets tougher every week.


Supersets come in varying degrees of volume and intensity, which is clearly displayed over the four weeks of this program. Each week will be a 4-day split and will introduce a new method of supersetting, with week 1 being arguably the least challenging of training sessions and week 4 the most demanding. Read more…

If you’d like to improve your six-pack, go ahead and check this video from Men’s Health:

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