Beat Treadmill Boredom With MusclePharm Amino1

Beating Treadmill Boredom

Whether for training for sport or just for exercise, the treadmill is by far one of the most recognized equipment known to all, fitness buffs and critics alike.

But the long-standing reputation of the treadmill has become an over-used excuse for many to set it aside and let new ones get into the picture.

Unknown to many, there are a lot of benefits you can get out of the treadmill and with the right attitude and drive for adventure, you may start thinking of setting it back up and using it again.

Rick Morris, author of Treadmill Training for Runners, shows how to make the most of that ubiquitous exercise contraction and how to optimize your exercises to help you get on the road and have fun doing it.

4 Ways To Beat Treadmill Boredom

Treadmill training comes very close to being the perfect method for indoor exercise. It’s convenient, efficient, effective and versatile. It can be adapted to nearly any exercise goal and can meet the needs of almost every athlete. Despite all those benefits, there is one major disadvantage when exercising on the treadmill — boredom. The treadmill is a valuable training tool and can be a very enjoyable way to exercise, but how a person perceives exercise does have an effect on both the mental and physical aspects of his workouts.

A study conducted by researchers at the Duke University Medical Center tested runners during a treadmill run, a workout on an indoor track and a session on an outdoor route. The treadmill runners reported the highest rating of perceived exertion (a measure of how hard the workout felt) and also recorded the slowest performance times. While treadmill training failed this test, it is not something that cannot be overcome. With just a few adjustments to your environment and your training habits, you can stay motivated and beat the boredom. Read full article

Most of the time people get on their treadmill machines as a way to warm-up for their exercise routines or simply just limit their ideas of its uses as a mere indoor running contraption.

But few people realize the calorie-burning effects of a treadmill workout or training, as well as helps enhance strength and endurance.

Popsugar fitness editor and writer Jenny Sugar relates how the treadmill can help you lose fat and burn calories, aside from simply using it as a warm-up exerciser.

The Next Time You Hop On the Treadmill, Do This to Burn More Calories

Chillier Fall air, possible thunderstorms, and unpredictable weather as well as less sunlight this time of year may be one reason to take refuge in your trusty ol’ gym. Treadmills might feel safer and more controlled, but you might even find the workout feels a little easier. Don’t sell yourself short! Use these tips to upgrade your treadmill time and maximize the benefits of your run. Read full article

Just imagine how a simple treadmill machine can give your body a lot of health benefits. Of course, there are a lot of varieties to choose from like the basic run and timer models to the electronic incline- variable and speed adjustable models, the benefits are just waiting to be had.

From weight loss to strength and endurance routines, you might be surprised at the many health benefits you can get out of the treadmill. 

Experienced runner and training coach Amanda Brooks breaks down all the known health effects of using a treadmill.

Health Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

There are many health benefits to regular exercise, including an increase in the strength of the heart, weight loss, and decreased insulin resistance. Walking or running on a treadmill is great exercise and puts less stress on the body than walking or running on a flat outdoor surface. Treadmills also offer the option for careful monitoring of the heart rate and blood pressure for patients that are in poor health or have heart problems. This information helps the patient determine how much exercise they can do and when it’s time to stop. Here is some information about the health benefits of exercising on the treadmill.

Treadmills are very useful in the diagnosis of heart disease, coronary artery blockages, and other cardiac issues. The body may not show symptoms of heart disease or blockage until it is put under stress, and using a treadmill is an effective way to put the body under stress while having the ability to closely monitor the patient’s vital signs. Treadmill tests are often performed on patients that are not currently experiencing symptoms of heart problems, but they have risk factors such as high cholesterol. Read more…

The next time you pass by a sports shop or the gym and see that treadmill, give it a try and get ready to kickstart your quest to a fit and healthier body.

You also might want to consider hydrating when doing your treadmill exercises and what would be best recommended is to use a highly-nutritional hydrating drink like Amino 1 from MusclePharm  packed with essential nutrients to not just keep your body hydrated, but also contains scientifically-advanced electrolyte hydration system with coconut water concentrate to help rebuild muscle, increase endurance and speed up recovery from a rigorous workout.