Secrets Of Bodybuilding Nutrition Revealed: Get Tips From The Bodybuilding Pros

Ron Harris from tells us the nutrition secrets of bodybuilding pros. The author says that they’ve unlocked the 50 tips from different professional bodybuilders for the past 10 years. We all know that nutrition is essential in getting that ideal body for the sport. It is takes most of your attention as nutrition plays a big role in achieving your fitness goals. When it comes to bodybuilding, trust these pros.

They gave their individual advice about the things that they do especially when they’re about to compete, or their preparations in their diet. Take these seriously as these can bring definite changes to your physical attributes as well as give you the body that you want.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: 50 Secrets of the Pros – Part 2

We went back over the last decade and unearthed 50 nutrition tricks of the trade from a wide range of pro bodybuilders. Since nutrition is equally if not more critical toward your ultimate success in reaching your personal physique goals, this insider information will greatly enhance your gains. Read more…

Dan John from T-nation talks about these top 10 secrets to building great muscle mass. He came up with the things that you should know, guidelines to follow, and workout sessions that will absolutely build that mass. 

First, you have to stop worrying about those abs. Second, master your mass building movements. Third, mass gain magic happens around the 5-10 rep range. Now, check out his ten tips for growing those muscles.

10 Secrets to Building Mass

The best movements for mass building make up a very short list and you need to do them every time you train, as mastery of the movements is a key to mass building. Read more…

Chris Aceto from tells us about pure nutrition tips for gaining muscle.  You have to know how to eat right so you can build your muscles. You need to lose the fat too. In order to do these two things, read Aceto’s tips – he covered 10 of the most important nutrition questions.

Turn this into your guide, and you can never go wrong. Some of the things that he discussed were about the frequency of meals, clean eating, and protein consumption. Check out more of his tips below:

Bodybuilding Nutrition 101

Learn how to eat like the big guys — and pretty soon you’ll be one of them yourself.

So if you want to know more about how to eat right build muscle and lose fat, keep your mouth shut and read up. We’ve got your essential nutrition queries covered with our answers to your top 10 questions. Read more…

Check Michael Kory’s video for bodybuilding nutrition:

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