Ways to Achieve Strength Boosting Fitness with MusclePharm

There are various techniques to do when it comes to power-training. Coaches and trainers have their own version of the most appropriate boosting fitness routine.

When it comes to enhancing muscle size and growth, let’s consult Michael J. Rudolph, Ph.D.

Rudolph’s opinion about the modified Kaatsu Training looks promising. It appears that this training exercise is very remarkable when it comes to boosting power and increasing muscle size. Let’s check his report about this routine:


Modified Kaatsu Training for Enhanced Size and Strength

It is widely accepted that lifting heavy weight is absolutely required to effectively enhance muscular strength. Yet, an alternative training method using considerably lighter weight, known as Kaatsu training, has been shown to potently increase muscle strength and size. Read more…

Alex Zinchenko, a coach, shares his unconventional ways to spice up your workout routines. He suggested these unusual exercises that can give you maximum results:

9 Unusual Exercises That Will Boost Your Strength

Let’s face it. Strength training is a monotonous activity most of the time. Sometimes you get tired of the exercises you’ve been doing. Your body needs a break. It demands variety. Read more…

Let’s hear another set of tips from Jim Wendler, senior editor of Elite Fitness Systems. His suggestions ranged from the actual routine exercises, keeping training logs as well as balancing everything together:


Strength is the foundation of everyday acts of athleticism like hitting a 300-yard drive in golf and not-so-human feats like J.J. Watt’s 5’1″ box jump. Strength isn’t limited to muscle size and capacity. You see, when you get stronger, you’re better able to lose weight, run faster, and hit harder. Convinced you need to work on your strength? We’ve got 10 no-frills tips to help you make everything in your life feel just a little bit easier (and much lighter). Read more…

If you want to take it to the next level, here’s an exercise video from Men’s Health:

Maximum muscle capacity is achievable if you do everything right. Getting the right training and taking the right supplements should do the trick. MusclePharm’s Combat might be the perfect partner for you. If you’re building your muscle, MusclePharm Combat has pure protein source to support muscle building and recovery.