Next Level Shoulder Workouts with MusclePharm Assault

Next Level Shoulder Workouts with MusclePharm Assault

Bodybuilding legend and Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that in order to achieve larger and stronger muscles, you need to employ the shock element. This means you have to raise the difficulty and intensity every time you train so that your muscles won’t get used to the rigors and demands of your regular exercises. If you want to aim for stronger and larger shoulder muscles, then perhaps it’s time to shock them with advanced next level shoulder workouts.

Bodybuilder Juan Morel is one of the many professionals who prefer to work their shoulders the hardcore way. Morel likes to do his shoulder workouts the hard way. Check out some of his tips on achieving next level shoulder workouts.

I just prefer picking the weight up from the floor rather than off a rack. It feels more hardcore that way to me. “I don’t want to be bothered with anything that seems too easy.” Read more…

If you are looking for intense next level shoulder workouts that come with the “shock’ factor, then perhaps you might want to try the Fascial Stretch Training, or FST7, for short. Branded as the best solution for stubborn shoulder muscle, personal trainer Joe Pepe describes the workout to Mike Simone of Men’s Fitness:

This method stretches the fascial layer to maximum capacity with seven sets on the final exercises in a workout to allow for greater muscular growth.” Read more…

Keen to see what next level shoulder workouts can do to your shoulder muscles? Then check out this video by pro bodybuilder Kali:

Progressing to next level shoulder workouts will demand and burn more energy, so it is imperative that you fully prepare yourself for the heavier workload. Shocking your shoulder muscles (or any muscle group for that matter) is not easy as you need to increase the pace and the degree, thus requiring you to go way beyond your comfort zone.

Unprepared individuals who go for advanced next level shoulder workouts and other difficult and demanding routines crash most of the time due to exhaustion and muscle fatigue. MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout System helps fuel the muscles so that they have the energy and the strength to go the distance and propel individuals to complete their workouts without suffering from fatigue and crash.

MusclePharm Assault has been proven to be safe and effective by a number of clinical studies, making it one of the most popular pre-workout supplements in the health and fitness world.