Get The Most Out Of Leg Day With These Awesome Tips For Training Your Legs

Expert Tips For Training Your Legs With MusclePharm Combat

Almost everybody hates leg day and understandably so. Leg workouts are brutal and they drain most of your strength and make your legs sore the next day. So sore that even standing up is a challenge. With the right tips for training your legs, you’ll be able to get most out of every exercise. You won’t be able to escape the pain, though.

That said, leg days are important in any muscle building regimen as the lower body provides most of the power needed by the whole system to work. And having a fully developed upper body muscles will look weird if it’s not in harmony with your legs and thighs.

Count Maxx Charles as one of the few who live to crush leg days on a regular basis. The 2015 IFBB Tampa Pro champ says Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired him to become a bodybuilder and his ultimate goal is to become Mr. Olympia, just like Arnie. Charles shares a few tips for training your legs as well as his leg workouts with Flex:

When I was 6 or 7, I was in awe of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom I knew only from the movies. He was amazing. Then someone said, ‘You know he does this other thing—he’s not just an actor.’ And when I saw this other thing Arnold did—bodybuilding—and I saw his pictures in the magazines, that was all I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a bodybuilder, and I wanted to be Mr. Olympia. Read more…

If you are looking for pro tips for training your legs, then check out how NHL star Martin St. Louis builds his leg muscles. The 36-year old hockey player still has what it takes to be in the NHL despite being in the twilight of his career. And his leg training is just one of the many factors of his career’s longevity.

Hockey players can’t get away with being one-dimensional. Every position on the ice demands total-body strength, explosiveness, and endurance. If there’s one training session elite players like Tampa Bay right wing Martin St. Louis can never miss, however, it’s leg day. Read more…

As leg workouts are among the most brutal and most punishing of all exercises, you need to train smart and prepare for every leg day. It is essential that you get proper guidance with your training program, proper nutrition, and adequate rest so you can achieve the desired results.

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