Inexperienced Instagram Coaches: Practice Caution And Awareness

Try not to get yourself in a twist. Be cautious of these people. Coach Christian Thibaudeau calls out these offenders and tells us about the two cases of instant experts. He emphasizes that a lot of people take advantage of online coaching because it can get easy using the all the media and modern tools that we have.

However, actual coaching is quite difficult and it requires extra effort, experience and discipline. It’s a different thing when you’re an online “live” coach than being an actual and personal coach. Let’s see what he has to say:

Tip: Beware of Insta-Experts

It is possible to do a good job with online coaching using the modern tools we now have. However, it’s very hard and it requires a lot of experience and discipline. Read more…

Lee Boyce from HuffingtonPost Canada says that even he doesn’t have an Instagram account. It may be wonderful to have social media by your side. It’s quite dominant these days and most people you see either have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pulled up in their phones. It’s especially good if you’re into businesses and your strategy is self-promotion.

Personal training is even hugely affected by social media. It’s not surprising that people get to respond easily to what they can access visually. Gym scenario – you can check newbies who don’t know anything about training, and they’ll most likely acquire the services of a trainer who looks fit and associate it with the goals that they want to target.

Don’t Be Fooled By the Instagram Personal Trainer

I’ll be the first to admit, however, that in this day and age, social media is a dominant force for many businesses, in terms of free self-promotion. It’s really a wonderful thing when you think about it. Read more…

Fusion Train’s Chris Matsui gives us a realistic approach about fitness and social media. He tells us that the Internet pumped up the explosion of the fitness industry. That resulted to a lot of gorgeous people flocking everyone’s feed.

Before and after pictures get posted – it influences the masses in an even bigger way. Expectation vs Reality becomes the case. Check out more of his thoughts below:

The Truth About Fitness Social Media

While it’s great to view posts as a short term motivator, it can easily become a slippery slope to “why don’t I look like that” or “why am i not that strong?” mentality. Read more…

Check this video from EliteFTS: Personal Training vs. Online Coaching in order to determine which one you’re most effective.

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