Gun Training Tips: Improve Your Upper Body With MusclePharm

Gun Training Tips

You want to turn your arms into big guns? We’ve got it all right here for you. Check out our gun training tips to turn your skinny arms into cannons.

Anthony Bevilacqua, CPT from Muscle shares his own techniques how to turn your upper extremities into cannons.  Muscles are indeed magnificent and most guys would usually work themselves out just to achieve glorious arms.

The author mentioned blood flow restriction training, increasing volume, and utilizing all angles. He also included workout tips for your arms. These are designed to help you reach those goals. Follow this guide and get ready to be noticed! Your muscle definition will reach its peak!

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Author Edward Lane from Men’s Health UK compiled 16 best exercises for bigger arms. If you still feel like you can still fill out that t-shirt, you can trust that these exercises will make things work for you. Each exercise outlined here is capable of pushing your muscles into performing at an optimum level.

You have the potential to make yourself stronger and better. This has detailed instructions how to perform each exercise so you’ll know what to do in each rep.

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Frank McGrath for shares his advice how to train your arms and stimulate muscle growth. He gives us tips how he does it on his own, and he reveals how he builds his arms through this workout. He has a variety of exercises focusing on arm work to make his arm muscles body bigger.

He has a string of recommended arm exercises which is perfect if you really want to turn those into massive muscles. Check out the details:

The Guns of Wrath Arm Training with Frank McGrath

His mission – to stimulate his arms by varying his workouts and getting them as freaky as possible. We’d say, “Mission accomplished”. Read more…

Check out McGrath’s full video below:

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