Great Hypertrophy Workout: Full Body Package

Great Hypertrophy Workout

Muscle and Strength gives us the total package workout. If you’re someone who’s having trouble with gaining mass, check this one out. The most common problem that people have is that they can’t seem to train for hypertrophy without letting go of strength.

This workout split actually lets you train well for the purpose of retaining strength and muscle gains.

The Total Package: A Full Body Strength & Hypertrophy Workout

When I recently took a second to dissect my workout, I decided going forward I’ll always have a split that has it all and by sharing it, you’ll have it too. Read more…

Muscle Fitness shares these ways for fast hypertrophy. If you’ve been having a difficult time, you can trust these five tips to get growing in no time.

Eric Fleishman shares his thoughts about getting bigger. People tend to overcomplicate things and that sometimes hinder them from getting a better body. It’s a lot to consider: Exercise selection, intensity, weight load, frequency and diet. It can get confusing at times, but it’s all about keeping it simple.

The Fast Lane To Hypertrophy

By boiling it down to a few simple rules, he says, anyone can start experiencing new gains in muscle size and strength. Here are his top five rules for hypertrophy. Read more…

The Daily Burn gives us ways how to build more muscle. Genes play a role especially because of the fact that there are even some people who seem to pack on size without difficulty. If you belong to the group who isn’t so blessed, welcome to the club.

You can maximize your growth by using this as your guide in increasing your mass. Check it out:

Hypertrophy Training: The 3 Laws of Building Muscle

The first rule of building more muscle? Choose your parents wisely. After all, genetics are an undeniable factor in how easy it will be for some people to pack on size. Read more…

See this video from Benjamin Pakulski – How to Train for Hypertrophy

What’s the best way to increase your gains rapidly? Find a reputable protein powder that’s going to supply your body with high-quality protein.

MusclePharm’s Combat 100% Whey is a perfect pre- and post-workout drink. It can enhance synthesis and lowers muscle breakdown.