Can Competitive Bodybuilding Be Saved: Past, Present And Future

What was famous before isn’t on top anymore. That’s what T-Nation implies when talking about competitive bodybuilding. The sport hasn’t been flourishing lately though different categories have been faring well in the local stages. When it comes to figure and bikini to men’s physique and classic, these are taking the center stage.

Which goes down to the question: what happened to the old Arnold Schwarzenegger-style kind of bodybuilding? Is it possible to raise its popularity again? What can people do?

How to Save Bodybuilding From Itself

The powers-that-be of bodybuilding have tried pretty much everything to save the sport. They tried to make it more mainstream (ain’t gonna happen, it’s a fringe sport and they should accept it and develop that market), they gradually got rid of female bodybuilding, they added “natural” divisions or federations, and they added new classes with more reachable and aesthetically pleasing physiques. Read more…

Generation Iron talks about how bodybuilding has evolved. If you’ve been a fan, it’s possible that you’ve had your share of talk concerning the immediate changes that has befallen this magnificent sport. Some think that the sport has improved while there are those who are skeptic about how it turned out.

This generation’s sport has been endlessly compared to “The Golden Era” from Schwarzenegger’s time. The people from that time have raised the bar so high that it’s not easily reached by enthusiasts nowadays. There are those who would even go the extent of saying that during their time, it was considered as art.

An Opinion on Modern Bodybuilding

Comparing today’s Bodybuilding to the Golden Era is impossible, the physiques were totally different and so was the fan base, we are sadly spoiled, Bodybuilding in general will probably take a while before it appeals to the general part of society and that’s why the new Men’s Physique Category is becoming highly popular, because the mainstream part of society can and will relate to it, and why wouldn’t they? Read more…

Major sacrifices have been made in the name of the sport. Why is it though that we don’t give the competitors enough credit? The Atlantic wants to point out that these people deserve so much more.

These dedicated people are both “unavoidable and anonymous”.  Unavoidable because you commonly see these people in every sports magazines but the sad part is that they remain anonymous. That’s because no one would go to so much lengths in learning about the hard work and training that they put themselves into.

Drugs and the Evolution of Bodybuilding

The widths of top competitors such as Kai Greene and Branch Warren are another matter entirely—a testament to the rigorous training and chemical supplementation regimens that have made the sport both more physically challenging and less accessible than ever. Read more…

No matter what age you are, may you be an old fan of the Golden Era or Modern Bodybuilding, it all goes to motivation. Your aim for successfully restoring the glory of the sport starts within you. Watch this video from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

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