Boxing Moves For A Better Body: Tips And Tricks

Boxing Moves for a Better Body: Tips and Tricks

When it comes to exercise, we know that we have a lot of options. More often than not, however, we opt for that which can be done alone and for a short amount of time. Running and indoor cycling, in particular, are very popular among people who want to live healthier and fitter. Our predilections for these forms of exercise, however, may cause us to miss out on one that offers quite a lot more benefits: boxing.

Laura Williams of Money Crashers explores why, and more, in her article.

5 Health & Fitness Benefits of Boxing Workouts – How to Get Started

Boxing is one of those fitness trends that’s almost always in the periphery – never completely fading out of sight, but never taking the world by storm (à la Zumba). And while Billy Blanks helped introduce the world to a more aerobics-friendly version of kickboxing when he developed Tae Bo in the ’90s, cardio kickboxing’s harder, tougher cousin – boxing – remained mostly out of sight.

That’s starting to change. New boxing franchises, such as TITLE Boxing Club and 9Round, are stepping away from the gritty, hard-nosed atmosphere of old-school boxing facilities and are creating environments that are welcoming for just about anyone. And frankly, it’s about time. According to the ESPN Degree of Difficulty Project, which sized up more than 60 sports based on required athletic skills to determine which sport is most difficult, boxing came out on top.

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When the difficulty level has been dialed down, anyone who boxes is in for a plethora of treats. These include improved heart health, enhanced total body strength, reduced stress, and better hand-eye coordination.

Those who wish to look their best, too, can rely on the sport. Boxing can help you successfully shed off the extra pounds, and there are a ton of boxing moves for a better body that you can try. lists some as:

Punch off the pounds

Give unwanted inches the old one-two with these boxing-inspired moves from Crunch NYC instructor Christy Nacinovich. (They’re based on her new Sucker Punch class.)

For a top-to-toe tone-up, choose a move for the arms and shoulders, a move for the abs and back, and a move for the legs and butt, then do 2 sets of each move 3 to 4 times per week.

Arms & shoulders: Back fist

Stand with knees slightly bent, feet in fighter’s stance (left foot forward), elbows bent; bring right fist near face. Twist at waist to the right, bringing left fist to the right and down, straightening left arm.

Keeping arm straight, rotate upper body to the left while swinging left arm back beyond left side of body. Do 10 reps, keeping arm straight and long—think of it as a steel bar locked into place. Switch sides and repeat; do 2 sets.

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Like any other form of exercise, though, cashing in on the benefits offered by boxing requires proper practice. But that does not necessarily mean doing what everybody else is doing when they box. This article on Sugar Boxing explores how:

10 Boxing Training Tips You Cannot Refuse

If you do what everybody does – you are like everybody. To fight differently, you must train differently. Here we discuss several special exercises and tips that can help you improve on components that may not be particularly good since your birth: coordination, speed, precision, power, etc. These exercises do not require any sophisticated equipment, rather few items common in everybody’s life.

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So, for instance, if you have been having issues with your wrists and knuckles when you punch, try doing pushups with your fists inward, then straight, then outwards. In addition, make sure that you give your body the fuel that it needs to get you through a session and help you capitalize on those boxing moves for a better body. Eat the right food, and don’t skip out on the sports drinks.

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